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Anger Management Weekends in Lincolnshire

No more lashing out at people, feeling sorry, guilty, ashamed and embarrassed. Enjoy happier relationships based on respect, not fear. Finally put an end to destructive thoughts and behaviours.

Intensive, effective 2 day weekend workshops to change the way you manage anger and frustration - forever!

In small, safe groups (maximum of 6 participants) you will:

1) Explore 'What IS anger?

2) Consider your personal relationship with anger. How does it impact on your life and those around you?

3) Complete a detailed Self Assessment to:

  • a) Understand the range, intensity and hidden triggers of difficult feelings
  • b) Explore the roots of your anger and any historical factors that are relevant today
  • c) Identify negative patterns of thinking
  • d) Recognise and take responsibility for negative behaviours

4) Be introduced to a range of super-effective strategies to deal with angry feelings appropriately

5) Understand how to pro-actively manage stressors in your life and increase your resilience to the demands that still come your way

6) Learn a model of assertive, non-aggressive communication skills that ensure you feel heard and understood

7) Acquire strategies for managing conflict with calm, assured confidence

8) Develop strategies to change beliefs and patterns of thinking that drive your anger

9) Have opportunities to practice these in a safe environment

10) Construct your individual 'Anger Toolkit', containing a range of techniques, skills and strategies to ensure long-term change when implemented


  • Start the New Year with hope and determination - choose from the following weekends in April and May. (Both days will be from 9.15am - 5.15 pm)


13th & 14th April

27th & 28th April

11th & 12th May

25th & 26th May

Email now for more details and to book your place on this fast-paced, effective weekend experience

(Lunch and refreshments are provided. If required, details of local b&b/hotel accommodation can be forwarded)

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How To Book

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