"Your work with our team has been most professional, discreet and helpful. Some very difficult and sensitive staff issues have been resolved with your support and guidance and we are now able to work more effectively as a whole team."

G. W. - Local Authority Team Manager

here to help


Odyssey Personal Development and Training offers Consultancy and Support for a range of Business and Organisational needs.

Odyssey provides a discreet, holistic and confidential assessment and intervention service to assist organisations who may be experiencing specific personnel difficulties.

Are you experiencing any of the following in your organisation?

  • High absenteeism
  • Stressful working environments
  • Inter-personal relationship difficulties
  • Low staff morale
  • Difficulties or resistance to implementation of change
  • Incidents of Bullying or Harrassment
  • Team conflict

Talk to Odyssey Personal Development and Training Services to find out how we can help you to address these difficulties and create a more productive, effective and harmonious working environment.

We would also be pleased to help you to implement positive and pro-active changes such as:

  • Pro-active Stress Management Programmes
  • Positive and Preventative Staff Care Strategies

Emotionally Challenging and Stressful work?

If you or your staff work in roles which are emotionally demanding or sometimes distressing, we can offer professional , supportive, structured 'role supervision' which really makes a difference.(Health, Social Care, Education, Counselling or Support Services, for example)

We provide a safe, preventative and confidential 'debriefing process', along with emotional support which promotes best practice and emotional well-being. Usually offered on a monthly basis, this external support creates opportunities for continued professional development, improved happiness and well-being, reduced sickness absence, higher standards of safe practice, and demonstrates positive valuing of staff in real terms. Professional role supervision can make a real difference - to you, your team and your organisation.