"I gained so much from the day, and really enjoyed the relaxed yet positive learning environment. Thanks for the inspiration!"

Rachel, Social Worker

"I thoroughly enjoyed the MCA training, and was pleased that it wasn't at all boring! The case studies and group discussions were fascinating, and I learned a great deal. I will certainly be sending more of my staff team on this training."

Dianne P. Service Manager, Milton Keynes

Inspiring Women Programme

Workshops running throughout the year - please see News Page or contact us for scheduled dates

NEW for 2013! Odyssey are excited to launch the brand new 'Inspiring Women Programme'.

Designed for women with an entrepreneurial spirit, who wish to live life in a more fulfilling way.

Are you already in business, or thinking of starting a new venture?

Perhaps you are a woman working hard in your profession or managerial role, wanting to make the very best of your talents?

Or - If your 'mojo's' gone missing, we can help you get it back - and some!

Our range of lively, interactive and challenging workshops will help you to discover the real you.

  • Find new ways of creating success
  • Overcome barriers that hold you back
  • Feel more focused
  • Be energised and motivated
  • Discover and celebrate your unique qualities
  • Feel more empowered than ever before

Our first series of 6 workshops are available to book now, but places are strictly limited - usually only 6 Inspiring Women per workshop. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. (If you are one of a group of Inspiring Women, why not have a workshop exclusively for your members?)

Inspiring Women Workshops

1. 'Women In Focus' (Full day workshop)

A unique and powerful day to develop self-awareness and feel inspired and energised.

  • Explore the real you - what motivates and inspires you?
  • What holds you back and sabotages your success?
  • What are your hidden and unique talents?
  • What is your vision for the future you truly want?

From this memorable day, you will take away lots of practical tools for success, including your own amazing 'Visionboard' to keep you focused on your vision and inspired to make it happen.

Also in our 'Inspiring Women' programme:

(All 3 hours, fast-paced, intensive workshops)

2. Developing Business Confidence

This workshop will enable you to address specific areas of self-doubt, and stride more confidently towards the success you desire.

  • An opportunity to explore, identify and address your individual 'lower confidence' situations.
  • Create and learn how to access your personal confidence store - whenever you need it!
  • Challenge negative, self limiting beliefs and write new scripts for the new you!

3. Overcoming Barriers to Success

In a small and supportive group, explore and understand what holds you back from being as successful as you could be.

  • Identify hidden fears of success or failure
  • Identify your personal success inhibitors and saboteurs
  • Learn how to beat them and turn barriers into doors of opportunity
  • Use your personal power to stride towards success - in your own unique way!

4. Embracing Stress and Managing Pressure

Learn to feel stimulated by positive stressors and have strategies to cope with 'out of control' pressures.

  • Identify your unique stress profile
  • Expand your 'stress capacity'
  • Limit the impact of external pressures
  • Learn techniques to feel in control
  • Recognise stress in others
  • Evaluate your lifestyle
  • Take away tools for capacity-building

5. Working Assertively

Learn and practice how to express your wishes, ideas and feelings in an assertive and respectful way.

  • Assess your communication style
  • Stop saying 'Yes' when you mean 'No!'
  • Negotiate with skill and diplomacy
  • Improve Relationships
  • Deal with 'difficult' people effectively

6. Time is Not The Enemy! Time Management for Smart Women

This workshop will help you to understand your unique relationship with time and learn ways of becoming more focused, productive and in control of the time you have.

  • Stop the time thieves
  • Learn the true value of your time
  • Know how to protect it assertively
  • Replace procrastination with productivity
  • Work smarter and achieve more in less time

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